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2nd Annual Pumpkin Hunt

Are you excited for Halloween? The witches are out casting spells and the ghosts and ghouls come out to play tricks on poor unsuspecting souls



The Pumpkin Hunt is on now!!!

A Site Wite Puzzle Hunt

Let's celebrate this spooky season together on PaigeeWorld! This year is PaigeeWorld's 2nd Annual Pumpkin Hunt, where Paigeeworld’s favorite artists come together and give treats to the PaigeeWorld community with their art of playful and spooky pumpkins!

On October 31st the Pumpkin Hunt Tutorial will be released to start you on your Hunting adventure! 

Open the tutorial in the PaigeeWorld Store, at the end of the tutorial you will see 2 kinds of paths a riddle or a code. Solve the riddle and search the answer in the store search to fin your other pumpkin. Picked the code? Solve the code and enter the answer in the store search to find a pumpkin! But beware the trick pumpkins!

One of  Kind Art Found On PaigeeWorld

Artists from all over the world come together to bring a special treat to the PaigeeWorld Community by creating one of a kind art only first released on PaigeeWorld.

Favorite artists of different backgrounds and interests are asked to create pumpkins that best represent Halloween in their style. PaigeeWorld artists then unleash their creativity and design beautifully...and spooky!...jack O'Lanterns themed around many genres including anime, manga, cartoons, movies and characters that all related to all Hallows Eve.

There are Tricks Instore!

Will you find all the Pumpkins? Or find a sneaky trick?

Nyan is being very sneaky this year and trying to play Halloween pranks! Within your hunt you may come across some trick pumpkins! Trick pumpkins that have neither clues or puzzles that make you start your hunt all over again!

How to Hunt!

Find another pumpkin and repeat!

Get Special 2nd Annual Pumpkin Hunt Pins!

Every year PaigeeWorld releases special Pumpkin Hunt pins created by our very own Lead Artist QueenWicky009! These pins will only be available October 31st 2017. Make sure you get them before they disappear at the end of October!

Do you think you have the heart and determination to take on this creepy challenge?

 Then get ready for pumpkin treats and spooky tricks this halloween on PaigeeWorld!

Check out last years pins....

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"Pumpkin Champion" Pin

what will this year's surprise pins be?

PaigeeWorld's Pumpkin Hunt is a site-wide puzzle scavenger hunt exclusive to the PaigeeWorld. Pick different riddles and puzzles, explore and discover puzzles created exclusively by PaigeeWorld artists.

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